Daily Food Offers, Big Discounts

Monday: Half price Steak Day

Sirloin steak, usual price ฿549, today ฿274

Fillet Steak, usual price ฿699, today ฿349


Tuesday: Half price Fish and Chips,

usual price ฿499, today ฿248


Wednesday: Half price Barbecued Ribs,

usual price ฿499, today ฿248


Thursday: Half price Pies

usual price ฿329 today ฿164

A range of Meat and Vegetarian available


Friday: 30% Discount on ALL of the Thai menu


Saturday: English Day, Half price

Bangers and Mash usual price ฿315 today ฿157

Cottage Pie usual price ฿329 today ฿164

Chicken Stew usual price ฿345 today ฿172


Sunday: Healthy Day, Half price Salads and Watercress Smoothie

Chicken Salad, usual price ฿269, today ฿134

Tuna Salad, usual price ฿199, today ฿98

Smoked Salmon Salad, usual price ฿229, today ฿114

Watercress Smoothie, usual price ฿169, today ฿84



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