Pool Table Gallery

The Pool Table

The old surface was looking a little tired so we have gone for blue this time. Looks good. Come and play some time soon.

IMG_8466 IMG_8468

The table has been professionally installed and set up to provide a great playing experience.





There is no substitute for correct overhead lighting.





The downside of the table being so good is that I don’t have any excuses for not being able to pot the balls. Still, I am enjoying having the opportunity to practice.












I’m sure leaning on the table while someone else takes a shot is against the rules! No problem, we are all friends here at the Queen Bee.



Don’t play this woman unless you want  to lose a lot of money

                                                                                                     You have been warned



Two of our top players showing us how it is done……………no, It’s Jimmy and Ian

IMG_6106Jum works so hard. Here you can see her doing 2 jobs at once. Testing the beer and the Pool table.

IMG_1917These girls are definitely two of our favourite guests at the Queen BeeIMG_1937

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